Painting Doors In and Around the House

Deep green blue grey door in Exterior Eggshell surrounded by citrus trees

Painting Doors In and Around the House

Traditionally painting your woodwork and doors tended to be done in a high glossy white. This doesn’t always have to be the case, especially if you have a small space.

Painting your interior doors, whether in the hallway or around the home can make a space appear larger whilst also inserting a touch of character. You can also use the colours of the doors and frames to link to elements of the room beyond.

Interior Paint for Doors

“Hallways can be really difficult spaces to decorate due to light coming from different areas” – Melanie Lissack Interiors

To create a better a flow between the rooms coming off your hallways, start with a neutral base and build from there. This will allow you to get creative with your colour choices. Test your colours on the door and wait to see them through the changes within daylight and artificial light in the evenings. Sample pots also allow you to play with different tones, giving you the opportunity to experiment painting each door a different colour.

We love what Melanie Lissack has done with her hallway, the main feature is the front door, painted in bold Niblock with a Chalky Interior Matt Finish, whilst her other doors have a little more subtly being Plaster Pink all complemented by Hessian. She has also used a great trick for making more of an impact – mask up a border surrounding the door to create a larger area to paint it gives the impression your doors is larger, definitely providing a wow factor!

Exterior Paint for Doors

To freshen up the exterior of your home, the quickest way is to give your front door a fresh coat of paint in a new colour. Remember that your front door is the first thing people will see, which you ideally want to be welcoming and inviting. When choosing the colour think about what kind of feeling you want to emit, whether it’s a warm, fun or relaxing vibe. You’ll also want to consider how the colour will complement the brick or render of your house.

For wooden doors our Exterior Eggshell is the perfect finish, with outstanding durability and quick drying features, it flows from the brush leaving a smooth and level finish that is weather resistant.

Top 5 tips for painting doors

  1. Set aside the time to ensure the job is done properly, especially as it’s your homes first impression for visitors.
  2. You’ll want the weather to be dry so you can leave the coats to set between each one and clean your door before painting, this will ensure you have a smooth and beautiful finish.
  3. Using a dry brush along the top of the frame and the sides, to remove any hidden dust from getting in your paint.
  4. Sand and prime your door, a smooth finish is essential for a professional-looking door.
  5. Have multiple paint brushes and rollers to hand to get into all the grooves and textures within the surface.

To help you choose a colour for your doors, our sample pots are available in all of our colours, the perfect place to start your project.

Melanie Lissack - Niblock door
Melanie Lissack - Niblock door close up
Melanie Lissack - Plaster Pink door frames
Melanie Lissack - Shelf in Plaster Pink
Deep Green Blue Grey painted door with plants on both sides