When talking about how green our paint is we don’t mean the colour – although we do have some lovely green shades that you can check out here.

Environmentally friendly paint

We have taken a number of factors into account when considering the environment, from the paint itself, to the packaging we have sourced and the couriers we use.

  • With no compromise on colour, M&L paints are water based, solvent free and have very little environmental impact.
  • All of our paints are mixed to order, so there will be no wasting paint that has passed its shelf life.
  • Each of our finishes are biodegradable.
  • We use DPD to deliver our parcels – you can read about their carbon neutral commitment, energy consumption and environmental policy here.

Low VOC paint

All M&L paints fall into the minimal and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) categories. VOCs are found in many building materials and are partially responsible for that “new paint” smell which can also be harmful to people and the environment. In our aim to reduce our impact on the environment we have created a paint with little to no odour which will not release any nasty fumes and provides you with a product that is safe and suitable to use in and around your home.

Sustainable paint packaging

We’ve listed below each piece of packaging we use and how we’ve chosen the most sustainable option.

  • Cardboard boxes – fully recyclable.
  • Box inserts/tin holder – completely sustainable, made from recycled compostable pulp and we encourage you to help continue its journey by recycling again.
  • Tape – we use tesapack paper, eco-friendly carton sealing tape made from 60% bio-based and unbleached materials. You can recycle it kerbside.
  • Plastic bags – As a cautionary measure against leaks we use a plastic bag to hold the tin of paint in. Now we know this isn’t the perfect choice and we are doing our best to find a more sustainable solution, so in the meantime we’ve come up with a few suggestions for how you can give the plastic bag another life. If you’re planning to continue painting the following day, save water and store your brushes in the plastic bag – seal tight with a knot. Alternatively, use it for storage or send it back to us and we’d be more than happy to give it another life by re-using it to send out another tin.

If you have any suggestions for how we can further improve our sustainability, we welcome the help in our search.