Our Story

First let’s clear up the queries about our name. Marston and Langinger is quite a mouthful. So, let’s skip the formalities, we’re happy to be called M&L.

Marston and Langinger Paint (M&L Paints) emerged out of a deep-rooted passion for harmony. A harmony that exists at the heart of every beautiful space.

Working with the finest colour chemists and technical experts we have developed paints to satisfy the most meticulous designers and decorators.

Inspired by the natural world and by fine classical architecture, M&L colours have been created to enhance our lives in engaging ways. Today, M&L has been revived by the family firm Alitex, sharing the same ethos for tradition and a similar passion for fine quality products.

Established in 1952, Alitex is renowned for its commitment to British manufacturing and the longevity of its greenhouses. As part of Alitex, we are passionate about all that grows. We take great pride in all we do, creating an environment where our team can thrive and develop. With the same passion, we will ensure that M&L Paints continues to create extraordinary colours and enhance emotions for years to come.