Tips & hints

Painting a wall may not be hard, but making a mess can be all too easy. Before you even open the tin there are a few basics to remember. And, of course, learning from someone else’s mistakes saves a lot of bother.

We were lucky enough to meet with Mick Cassidy recently who has done some paint testing for us and given us lots of feedback as we have been developing our paints. Mick is now retired but has been a ‘West End Decorator’ for 40 years working with high end clients and designers. He has a wealth of knowledge that we learn from every time we meet, so we thought we should share with you his best tips – and Mick’s Masterclass was born. We will keep adding, but if you have anything you would like us to show, please get in touch.

Open your tin carefully…

We’ve all opened paint tins before, but there’s a real knack to getting those clips off carefully. Luckily for us, Mick has some top tips on how to do it safely and efficiently – without making a mess!

Watch the video: How to safely open our tins

Cleaning brushes

Ever left cleaning your brushes until the next day and then regretted it? We’ve all been there… Whilst our paints are water-based and you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to clean the paint out of your brushes, it’s still good practice to efficiently clean them each time after use.

Watch the video: Cleaning your paint brushes

Cutting in

Cutting in, the technical term for painting in areas which are too tight for rollers, is an efficient way to begin painting your walls. This technique can be used around sockets, baseboards, door frames and ceilings.

Watch the video: Cutting in around sockets