Sample Pots

The colour of the wall at breakfast won’t be the same as the one you see in the evening. It’s not your mood, it’s the effect of the varying light. The best way to be sure to get the colour you want is to try some samples.

What to do with your sample pots

Once you have ‘poured’ over your colour card and narrowed down your colour choices, we suggest you order some sample pots. When they arrive, instead of painting several patches directly onto your wall, try painting several sheets of paper, at least A4.

Armed with your freshly painted sheets and some masking tape, tape them up in different areas of your room. This enables you to see how the colours can vary depending on the changes of light throughout the day in different areas around your space, and get a better sense of the final colour.

It will help you make the right choice and avoid any colour shocks or surprises.


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