The Benefits of using a Paint Primer

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Displaying wood with and without Primer after painting

The Benefits of using a Paint Primer

Primer is a bond, designed to seal and protect the surface and to provide a consistent base for topcoats of paint. It evens out porosity and provides a chemical and physical bond between the base surface and topcoat.

What is a multi-surface primer?

Our multi surface primer prepares surfaces for the application of Matt, Eggshell and Gloss finishes. It creates a smooth, even covering helping the topcoat of paint to adhere to the surface. It is ideal for applying to plaster, wood, MDF, melamine, mineral and most metals.

As an incredibly versatile water-based primer, you can use it for interior and exterior projects.

White Primer vs Grey Primer

It is available in white and grey – so whichever colour you choose, you’ve got the perfect base to get you started. We recommend using our White Primer with soft colours and neutral tones, and our Grey Primer for deeper and darker shades.

When to use a primer before painting

You should use a primer:

  • On surfaces that have never been painted before – the paint will soak into some materials, so start with a primer to use less of the colour topcoat.
  • In areas where you are drastically changing the colour, you want to create a neutral base so the depth and appearance of your colour is at its best.
  • New or resinous wood should always be primed, for best results apply two coats, lightly sanding between coats.
  • On metal, a primer will help protect against rust and act as a strong foundation for subsequent coats of paint.
  • If you are faced with water damage or tough stains, a primer will reduce the blemishes before you apply your topcoat.

Visit our Primer page to purchase the perfect base, and to read more about its flawless qualities.

White Primer vs Grey Primer

White Primer versus Grey Primer – displayed on untreated wood

Swedish Blue with and without primer

Untreated wood showing the difference with and without primer for our Swedish Blue Chalky Matt Paint

Saxe Blue with and without primer

Saxe Blue on untreated wood with one side prepared using our Grey Primer

Displaying wood with and without Primer after painting

Untreated wood displayed with and without our Grey and White Primers – after painting in Swedish Blue and Saxe Blue