Graphite Grey 84


Graphite a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon, has been recorded in history for thousands of years and has many, many, uses. One of the most familiar is for the ‘lead’ in pencils. Following this inspiration for our Graphite Grey, we have created a deep, smoky grey shade.

Alongside its ‘true’ grey colour, white and black we have added a little yellow and blue to give a just perceptible ‘teal’ undertone.

This bold and interesting shade looks great as a feature in an on-trend grey colour scheme. Complement with almost any of the paler greys from our collection, we recommend Wood Ash. Or bring out the undertones and match with Teal.

Graphite Grey is part of our M&L Collection, and will add flourish to your home and garden. It has the potential to match and complement your garden furniture with your greenhouse.


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