Juniper Green 40


A member of the ‘olive shade’ family, Juniper Green is the darkest of them all. Once again shifting the ratio to increase black against green to create an incredibly deep green, which in some lighting conditions can almost appear pure black. Named after the berries of the coniferous Juniper tree, these berries, when ripe appear almost jet-black and tend to be an essential botanical in the distilling of gin.

Works well with beige hues, like Parchment or throw caution to the wind and contrast with pink, such as Old Rose or the paler Shell.

We recommend using on feature walls and any surfaces where adventurous statements are required, then sit back and enjoy a well-earned gin!

This colour is part of our M&L Collection, and will add flourish to your home and garden. It has the potential to match and complement your garden furniture with your greenhouse.


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