Burnt Orange 80


Inspired by the rind and flesh of ripened blood oranges, which can almost be described as ‘blood’ red. Burnt Orange is a vibrant and vivid dark orange. Not a ‘true’ orange, which sits perfectly in the middle of red and yellow, it is far closer to the red side of the spectrum.

A mid-shade deep orange, it is strong in red with a faint yellow undertone. Although around since the early 20th century and very popular in the 1970’s, Burnt Orange gives a fabulous retro feel.

Great for adding brightness to small spaces. Its vivacity makes it contrast with most shades, try light or dark, Steel or Graphite Grey for captivating effects.

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Chalky Interior Matt, Interior Eggshell, Exterior Eggshell, Exterior Masonry, Full Gloss


125ml, 1L, 2.5L, 5L

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