Using Pantone’s Colours of 2021 at Home

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Grey and Yellow Interior Moodboard

Using Pantone’s Colours of 2021 at Home

Whether you’re a trend setter, or a follower of fashion, Pantone’s Colours of 2021 are a combination of warmth and calm – chosen during a time of uncertainty to encourage us that everything will get brighter.

Pantone have chosen Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a vibrant yellow. This classic duo are as Pantone describes ‘a union of strength and positivity’, but how do we use that in our homes? To pair yellow and grey for your interiors, you’ll need to consider the depth of the shades so the colours don’t overpower the space.

Alternatively, if you feel like the colour combo has been done before, you can easily bring yellow or grey into your home separately.

Yellow and Grey Interior Combination

  1. If you want to use a bold yellow like Gladio in your space, choose a focal point such as a chimney breast to highlight. Pair with soft grey like Wirework to pull the look together.
  2. Our creamy yellow Cavendish works well with light greys for a creating a calming atmosphere – bring in pastel blues or whites to neutralise the combination.
  3. Use a dark grey like Greyfriars with earthier yellows like Dijon for a cosy and soothing vibe.

Tones to Complement Yellow

Choosing a colour for your home because it makes you smile and brings you joy can seem like a great idea, but it’s important to consider how it fits with your home’s existing features and accessories.

  1. A muted yellow like Dijon is beautifully complemented by Teal or Peacock Blue – add in gold tones to create an elegant yet cosy setting.
  2. Bright yellows are uplifting and energising – to pull off this look pair Gladio with other primary tones such as Saxe Blue or Inky Blue.
  3. For a country cottage style you will want to choose softer tones that complement the woodwork, we suggest Southwold Blue and Plumeria, or Cavendish and Delft.

Grey Interiors

Using greys throughout your interior aesthetic has been utilised for centuries, and whilst it may feel a little outdated we’ve got a few tips that will help you liven those tones up and transform the overall effect.

  1. Blush pink and greys work in harmony to create a statement interior. We paired Old Rose with Graphite Grey and Wirework to inspire a sophisticated bedroom.
  2. For an office space that supports work productivity and comfort, use dark greys like Charcoal with Black Fossil and the soft pink of Josephine; the pairing will create instant drama. Bring in rose gold accessories and stationary to create the ultimate statement.
Grey and Yellow Interior Moodboard
Bold Yellow and Blue moodboard with a floor tile and some fabrics
Pastel yellow and blue tones
Earthy yellow and teal
soft grey with blush pink tones for a bedroom idea
Home office inspiration - soft pink and dark greys