The Modern Appeal of Vintage Furniture

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Lamb & Newt Pop-up Shop in a barn with sign on wall surrounded by vintage furniture

The Modern Appeal of Vintage Furniture

Lamb & Newt are determined to show us all that when you mix up your design centuries in the right way and add back some of that long-lost colour, you won’t need to go searching for ‘flat packs’ to modernise your everyday living.

By Lamb & Newt

In the late 90s, Art Director Mariana Newton moved from London to the diverse community that is the Hartings. At that time, sisters Kate Olphert and Hannah Stubbington, who grew up in Harting, had already established themselves in the community – Kate teaching and helping run the family sheep farm (now expanded into the amazing work she does with young people) and Hannah, having travelled the world, was drawn back to the beautiful South Downs to continue working with retail, production and global events.

Fast forward nearly 20 years of friendship and organising a few wonderful events/parties together, these three creative women came to realise they share a passion for creating beautiful spaces, both inside and out, and the evocative every day objects that fill them.

In May 2018 Lamb & Newt was born

Kate: “We are bringing all our individual experience together, collaborating to create retail and lifestyle events with a difference”
“At Lamb & Newt we source objects that feel worthy of being brought back into the contemporary spotlight, evocative everyday objects and beautiful things that have age, patina, texture and colour. With an eye for detail and responding to how things look and feel, it’s all about the journey that individual pieces have travelled and how things come together that matters to us.”

“We call it re-loving”

In October L&N launched with a wonderful fire fulled ‘Pop-up restaurant in the barn’. Eager to show everyone what they were all about, everything the diners were surrounded by, ate at, on, in and with, was from the Lamb & Newt collection of finds.

Hot on the heels of its success, this December sees their first retail event – ‘Deep mid-winter pop-up shop in a barn’. The title’s a bit of a mouthful but perfectly descriptive of the winter home and Christmas shop that will feature old finds reworked, re-loved and curated in a new contemporary way. Think different periods, natural wood finishes and colour. With a fabulous bit of added Christmas sparkle, winter warmer lunch or bookable breakfast.

Hosted on 7 & 8 December, East Harting GU31 5LZ

Mariana: “We really wanted to inject a bit of colour into the barn to reflect our winter look. Having been introduced to M&L Paints after loaning a few re-loved pieces for their new launch photo shoot, we immediately thought how incredible their beautifully developed colours would suit the barn environment.”

Hannah: “We’re going to build a piece of colour wall art that will be the main focus as you enter the barn. It’s incredibly exciting to find such an exceptional quality paint brand that has all these stunning new colours. Just can’t wait to see it up and finished!”

There is something so life-enriching about taking the plunge into refreshing living spaces. Lamb & Newt are determined to show us all that when you mix up your design centuries in the right way and add back some of that long-lost colour, you won’t need to go searching for flat packs to modernise your everyday living.

Visit the Lamb & Newt website to find out more.

Lamb and Newt team

The Lamb & Newt Team – from right to left, Kate, Hannah and Mariana

Lamb & Newt photo of room shared by a customer

Customers share their re-loved objects in their new homes

Lamb & Newt napkin on vintage chinaware

Bringing together a mix of design periods for a contemporary lifestyle.

Waitress smiling and serving at Lamb & Newt pop-up restaurant

Service with a smile at L&N’s October pop-up restaurant in a barn.

Lamb & Newt pop-up restaurant with vintage furniture displayed

Shop for something a little different or reassuringly familiar.

Lamb & Newt's Wall of colour featuring several M&L Paints

Creating a wall of colour from M&L’s beautifully developed paint collection.