7 Ways with Sample Pots

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Painted plant pots

7 Ways with Sample Pots

Whether you’re looking for a mini paint project or just a way to use up some leftover sample pots, we’ve got a few ideas to unleash your creativity.

There’s no need to throw away paint tester pots, or consign them to the back of the cupboard when you can use them for updating some accessories around the house. With 125ml of paint, we’ve got seven stylish ideas to add a splash of colour to your space.

1. Plant Labels

Spruce up your vegetable beds with some colourful plant labels. With your leftover paint you can add some colour to wooden stakes and use a pen to mark what’s growing. The markers are a great way to keep your garden organised, especially when seedlings are young and you need to distinguish the plants.

2. Plant Pots

Painting your plant pots is a great excuse to get creative, making a change from your classic terracotta. You don’t need to prime the pots, just apply our Interior Chalky Matt paint. If you need some plant pot design inspiration, we recommend having a look at Pinterest.

3. Vase

For something a little different, pour a splash of paint into your glass vase and swirl it around to cover the sides. This technique is best used for dried flowers. We used the bright and bold Gladio to enhance the colours in the flowers.

4. Photo Frame

You don’t need much paint to update your photo frames, which makes sample pots the ideal size for doing so. If you’ve found the perfect colour for your room, it’s likely that you’ll have similar tones in your leftover sample pots. Use these to complement your frames, tying your new colour scheme.

5. Cactus Garden

Painting rocks is a fun project with your children. You might have seen this idea crop up over lockdown. All sorts of colourful rocks were popping up on pavements and outside houses. You can also arrange the rocks into a cactus garden. Gather a handful of stones and paint them a bright green like Wild Garlic. Once dry, add some stripes and spots to the stones and place them in one of your newly painted plant pots.

6. Coat Hooks

Afraid to go bold in the hallway? A sample pot will give you enough paint to upcycle your coat hooks. We love pairing a bold tone with a neutral shade – these Zandra hooks complement the underlying purple tint of Steel on this wall.

7. Spice Shelf

Not ready for a big kitchen renovation? Add a touch of interest by giving your spice rack a makeover. We’ve chosen Slate Blue for a hint of elegance. For a smooth finish, prime the wood first, which will help your sample pot go a bit further. For more advice on primers, see here.

Love the idea of a sample pot project? Take a look at our colours and get free delivery on all sample pot orders.

Wooden Plant Labels painted in Old Rose
Painted plant pots
Painted Vases in Gladio Yellow
Painted wooden photo frame
Homemade cactus garden
Painted coat hooks in Zandra
Slate Blue painted spice shelf