12 Days of Christmas Crafts

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Christmas Presents under tree

12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Spread joy this Christmas with some festive fun

If you’re in need of a little help to feel festive and get ready for Christmas, we’ve gathered 12 different Christmas Crafts that will also make use of leftover paint, or a sample pot tin.

1. Decorate Your Own Festive Wrapping Paper – we used brown parcel paper, a leftover sample pot and a potato cut into festive shapes. This is a simple but effective way to create personalised wrapping paper for your family and friends. Watch how we did it here.

2. Gift Tags – similarly to our wrapping paper, we used a small star cut out of a potato to stamp patterns onto the tags. You can also use little letter stamps to create fun festive greetings.

3. Wooden decorations – with a wooden decoration you can let your imagination run wild. Choose your favourite colours and start painting, getting creative with patterns.

4. Origami Paper Stars – these cute little stars are quite simple to make. We painted sheets of paper, cut them into strips and then folded them into stars, watch how to make your own here.

5. Glass Baubles – a little fiddly, but worth it! You’ll need baubles that have removable hanging tops. By watering down the paint a little, you will get a nice pouring consistency to go into the top of the bauble where the hanging mechanism sits. Swirl the paint around inside to cover the sides and then pour out the excess before leaving to dry. Learn how to paint your baubles here.

6. Crackers – every family has their own traditions, one of our favourites is decorating and filling ‘make your own crackers’. You can paint them like we have, as candy canes, and fill them with fun little useful gifts.

7. Place Names – although Christmas celebrations may be a little smaller this year, you can still make it feel special for those around you. Setting up the table with personalised place names is bound to make your family feel loved.

8. Toilet Roll Snowflake – there’s been much chatter about toilet rolls in the news this years, so why not make use of those leftover cardboard tubes. Paint them, cut them up and create your own snowflake decorations. Watch how we made them here.

9. Handmade Christmas Cards – we used holly shapes cut from potatoes, a fingerprint to make festive lights and our potato stars to add colour to our Christmas Cards.

10. Re-purposing Old Decorations – if your decorations are looking a little worse for wear, why not spruce them up with a bit of colour. Our wooden snowflake has now been rejuvenated with a touch of Swedish Blue.

11. Pegs – might not sound that festive, but pegs on a string are often used for hanging up cards. Use wooden pegs to be a bit more eco-friendly and paint them in a festive Red and Green – we loved using Wimpole Poppy and Garden Shed for this.

12. Wooden Gifts – whether it’s a wooden ornament, or a photo frame, by choosing your recipients favourite colour you can personalise their gift, making it feel that little extra bit special.

Christmas Presents under tree
Sprout painted bauble
Origami paper stars
Glass baubles filled with paint
Candy Cane Crackers and place names
Snowflake stars from toilet roll tubes