Burnt Orange 80 Paint


Inspired by the rind and flesh of ripened blood oranges, which can almost be described as ‘blood’ red. Burnt Orange is a vibrant and vivid dark orange. Not a ‘true’ orange, which sits perfectly in the middle of red and yellow, it is far closer to the red side of the spectrum.

A mid-shade deep orange, it is strong in red with a faint yellow undertone. Although around since the early 20th century and very popular in the 1970’s, Burnt Orange gives a fabulous retro feel.

This colour is part of our M&L Collection, and will add flourish to your home and garden. It has the potential to match and complement your garden furniture with your greenhouse.

Great for adding brightness to small spaces. Its vivacity makes it contrast with most shades, try light or dark, Steel or Graphite Grey for captivating effects.

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