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Project Feature: Kate Marr of Titley and Marr

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Kate Marr of Titley and Marr Olive Green living room

Project Feature: Kate Marr

Innovative designer Kate Marr of Titley & Marr has taken on the renovation and extension of a 1950s house. An exciting prospect with the entire house to decorate at once.

Kate stated that she loves colour and deciding the colour scheme throughout was her favourite part of the project. She did not want the ‘white house’ look. The central aspect of the house is double height with a spacious gallery landing; Kate opted for a light neutral colour to keep things simple, whilst every other room in the property has a pop of colour – not always on every wall. Kate was able to use her interior design skills to full effect on the house, as there were no existing colours or features that she had to take into account – it was like working on a blank canvas.

Complement Your Walls with Your Furnishings

Kate suggests that choosing your desired fabrics or furnishings is a good start before you select your paint colours. Collect fabrics for curtains, upholstery and any flooring choices as these are the key to the rooms theme and then choose the paint colours to complement and enhance.

Choose Different Colours Throughout the House

When it comes to selecting the right colour for the right room it’s all about personal preference. In Kate’s world, bedrooms should be a restful space with calm, easy on the eye colours and that’s why she used Inky Blue on the walls; creating a dark and cosy atmosphere she introduced deep and cosy shades with Inky Blue walls.

Living rooms are a great place to introduce colour to enhance existing features you might have such as inherited paintings, furniture and even soft furnishings. Kate went for Olive Green in the living room, complementing pieces of art she already had and creating a somewhat traditional feeling with lighter toned sofas and gold accents.

Kate mentions that kitchens tend to lend themselves to being more flamboyant and she has embraced that in her own. The walls are painted in Old Rose, creating a fresh and clean atmosphere in contrast with dark Corsican Green units making it a playful yet sophisticated space.

Corsican Green Kitchen Cabinets

Old Rose is used on the Kitchen walls.

Corsican Green Cabinets

Corsican Green cabinets in the kitchen.

dark room full of dark colours

Beautiful Olive Green living room.