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Project Feature: Mini Renovation Project

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Garage Doors in Inky Blue - blog header

Mini Renovation Project

Our client took on a mini renovation project, updating their tired landing and replacing some old garage doors to bring new life into these elements of their home.

The garage door was an old metal up and over door which had broken and the client had always wanted to replace it with a wooden barn style door as it would suit the aesthetic of the house much better.

Garage Door Paint

The client knew that they wanted a darker shade for the exterior garage doors. Their neighbours had opted for dark grey and they knew that they wanted something with slightly more vibrancy but classic. They were torn between Deep Green Blue Grey and Inky Blue however, Inky Blue looked great in contrast with the red brick exterior of the house and would coordinate perfectly with brass door furniture. The colour match wasn’t going to be extended to all exterior windows, so matching the front door to the garage door tied the colour together well. They used the Exterior Eggshell finish for its durability and weather resistant properties, ideal for the front door and garage doors.

Redecorating the Landing

The landing was previously uninteresting without many distinct features and also quite dark and narrow. The aim was to make a bold statement and give the wall a bit more personality. The client chose Peacock Blue for their walls, complemented by Warm White on the wood panelling beneath. They opted for Interior Eggshell in Peacock Blue which was complemented by the Interior Chalky Matt finish of the Warm White, making the wooden panelling look contemporary.

How did you find the paint to use?

Absolutely loved it. I have previously used other paints in the past but nothing matches the quality of M&L Paints.

Do you have anything else you would like to add, or any advice?

More colours please!

Inky Blue Paint on Garage Doors

Garage Doors in Inky Blue Exterior Eggshell

Hallway before

Hallway – The Before

Hallway - After in Peacock Blue and Warm White

Hallway – After in Peacock Blue and Warm White

Front door in Inky Blue

Front door in Inky Blue