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Project Feature: Em’s Cottage

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White Pepper Conservatory

Project Feature: Em’s Cottage

Having lived in the property for ten years, our client was ready to transform the original bland and beige colours that the house was initially painted in. Throughout lockdown, our client has taken the project in her stride and completely transformed the entire house.

Located near the sea, the natural inclination to go for shades of blue and green were fulfilled in the bathrooms. The main bathroom features the fresh and light colour Cucumber, whilst the ensuite is painted in a more muted and soft shade, Berrisford Blue; Both of which make our client smile whenever she enters the room. The aim of these colours was to create a sense of calm and relaxation, the Berrisford Blue particularly complements the dark grey tiles of the ensuite.

As the hub of the household, the sitting room needed a bold colour which would work with a particular wall hanging that our client had acquired on their travels to India. The piece itself is made of Saris, pieces of traditional clothing worn by women In India, sewn together. The intricate and subtle colours of the material worked perfectly with Trellis Green. Whilst, slightly darker than she had initially intended, our client is delighted with the warm and cosy atmosphere this shade of green has created.

Along with the bathrooms and sitting room our client has also painted the conservatory and adjoining kitchen in the mid-neutral shade of White Pepper, creating a bright and open space that reflects the sun brilliantly.

The hallway and stairs are painted in a pale-tone grey called Wirework, which blends beautifully into the Lead Grey on the landing walls.

Do you have any tips on choosing colours?

Be brave and go bold! This was definitely the case for me when choosing Trellis Green and I was so nervous that I may have gone too dark with my colour choice, but I love it now and certainly have no regrets.

Did you have different techniques for choosing colour in different rooms?

There is no science or technique when I choose colours, I really just go with my gut feeling, if a colour ‘sparks joy’ when I test it on the wall then I go with it. I think you have to be prepared to make mistakes with your colour in the knowledge that it can always be painted over with another.

Cucumber Bathroom
Berrisford Blue Bathroom
Trellis Green Living Room
White Pepper Conservatory