Three Ways to Use Burnt Orange

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Burnt Orange Feature Wall with plants and table in front

Three Ways to Use Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is vibrant and vivid, it is perfect for creating a statement and adding warmth to your space. We love using it as an accent colour, to highlight favourite pieces of furniture and accessories.

This deep orange leans much more on the red side of the spectrum than a ‘true’ orange. It is a fantastic colour, reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s, but can be used to create a modern retro look in the interior and exterior of your home.

Creating a Pop of Colour

One way to use Burnt Orange is to create an accent piece of furniture for a room in your home. If you’ve got a room that appears a little dull or is lacking in colour, it needs a stand out piece. You could paint your kitchen chairs or a hallway table. Colours shouldn’t be limited to your home, so explore the boundaries by looking into your garden, we love the idea of painting a watering can, or even glass jars and bottles to put flowers in. This will be a gorgeously bright and fun little feature for any room in the house in need of some colour.

Feature Wall

Another fantastic use for Burnt Orange is to make a feature wall. Any room can work well for this and we’ve covered it previously in our blog The Do’s and Don’ts For Creating Inspiring Feature Walls. Things such as choosing the kitchen can be fun, but sure you pick the wall with the fewest cabinets. This is already a very busy room so by picking the largest wall with the most space will avoid making it busier. Burnt Orange is a perfect colour for a feature wall as it is bold and bright, making a real statement in the chosen room. Try to avoid cluttering the wall with too much furniture, as it will draw attention away from the wall, which is the real feature. Instead just put a few pieces of simple furniture on or against the wall, such as a clock or a mirror.

Painting your Exteriors

Burnt Orange can also bring some colour to the exterior of your home. As part of our M&L Collection, it has been designed to contrast and complement the beautiful shades found in nature. Why not paint some chairs or plant pots to brighten up your garden. Our Exterior Eggshell range is perfect for the task, able to withstand the elements and long-lasting to ensure that your garden will look good all year round. A bright orange garden shed or trellis would also be a colourful addition to the garden. Alternatively, you could paint your front door for a bold entrance to your home or, if you are feeling particularly daring, you could paint your window frames.

Passiflora shed and burnt orange watering can
Burnt Orange Feature Wall with plants and table in front
Burnt Orange montage