Painting Outdoors and Exteriors with M&L Paints

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Burnt Orange Exterior Eggshell painted garden chair

Painting Outdoors and Exteriors with M&L Paints

With summer in full swing there’s no doubt your flower borders are bursting with bright colours, and there’s no reason why the rest of your garden can’t be too. With M&L Paints there’s plenty of choice for adding a splash of colour to your garden shed, fences and furniture.

With the sun shining and the summer holidays upon us, you and the family will undoubtedly be spending more time in the garden. Use this time as an opportunity to take a look at your garden furniture. Is your shed looking a little weathered? Does your fence need a fresh lick of paint? M&L Exterior paints are suitable for a range of surfaces and materials. Not only will they freshen up your garden furniture but they’ll make them last longer, protecting them from the outdoor elements and providing them with a weather resistant finish.

Garden Accessory Colour Inspiration

There’s no limit to what colour you can paint your external accessories, outbuildings or the exterior of your house. However, to make your life a little easier we’ve created a collection of 15 colours with your gardens in mind, complementary shades that can imbue the subtle harmony and tranquillity we find in nature itself.

View the M&L Collection

Reviving Your Garden Shed

Painting your shed can transform your garden, especially if it’s in need of some ‘TLC’. Not only can you revive the appearance with our Exterior Eggshell paints but it will also ensure it lasts longer, as the wood becomes protected due to its weather resistant properties and outstanding durability.

Colours such as Kilnpit or Britannia Bronze will certainly provide your shed with a fresh look and are ideal for those who want to stick with a traditional style. Alternatively, we are seeing a trend in vintage-style blues, greys and greens as they are perfect for complementing surrounding planting.

It’s important to consider where your shed is located and whether you want it to merge into the background, or maximise its impact and make it a focal point. For us, we love Passiflora, with its strong yellow undertones, it’s the perfect deep green tone for emphasising nature whilst still allowing it to blend into the surroundings.

Find more ideas over on our inspiration page, and encourage the colour in your garden to last throughout the seasons.

Burnt Orange Exterior Eggshell painted garden chair
Outdoor table painted in exterior eggshell
Bench in garden room in Exterior Eggshell
Crane Shed painted in Passiflora, Exterior Eggshell