Interior Paints Versus Exterior Paints

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Crane Shed painted in Passiflora, Exterior Eggshell

Interior Paints Versus Exterior Paints

The differences between interior and exterior paint may seem minimal to the human eye, but our interior eggshell and exterior eggshell paints are made up of different components allowing them to suit the varied environments they are exposed to.

The chemistry of interior paints will ensure the paint holds up against scuffs, scratches and marks in hard wearing areas. Whilst exterior paints are formulated to ensure longevity when exposed to the elements.

M&L Exterior Eggshell has been carefully designed to handle humidity, sunlight, temperature changes, fading and mildew. Whilst it might be tempting to use that extra tin of interior eggshell for a project outdoors you may want to think again… the environment-specific ingredients leaves indoor paints at a disadvantage. In little time your outdoor wall is likely to experience integrity issues such as flaking. However, using M&L Exterior Eggshell will resist chalking and cracking with its outstanding durability and moisture control.

The recipe for M&L Interior Eggshell has been created to endure heavy indoor traffic. Our interior paints are long-lasting and will cope with the inevitable wear and tear. Its water resistant properties makes it suitable to withstand regular cleaning and wiping from dirty fingerprints!

Some people often consider using interior paints outdoors and exterior paints indoors because their chosen colour isn’t available in the finish they require. Here at Marston & Langinger Paints, all of our colours are available in every single finish to help make your decision easier and the project process flawless. Request a colour card today and inspire your creativity.

Exterior Eggshell - Passiflora painted shed

Garden Shed Painted in Passiflora, Exterior Eggshell

M&L Paint tins being filled with multi-surface primer paint

M&L Paint Tins Being Filled