The Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Inspiring Feature Walls

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Cinnabar Accent Feature Wall in a bedroom - feature wall ideas

The Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Inspiring Feature Walls

The whole aim of a feature wall is to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. It is the focal point of the room and is a great opportunity to experiment with colours and tones. Continue reading for our interior design teams’ feature wall ideas and the do’s and don’ts for making a statement.

You have two options when it comes to feature walls. Bright and dark colours are bold and experimental, or use pastel shades to subtly inject a little interest into the room without becoming overwhelming.

Rooms that work

Statement walls can work really well in a dining room, where a dark colour such as Inky Blue can form an elegant look when paired with a simple wooden dining set. If you like the idea of using dark blue tones, why not try Smoke Blue in your office space.

Bedroom Feature Wall

One great idea for the bedroom is to paint the wall behind your headboard in Niblock or Cinnabar to draw your eye into the room. You could include a wall mural as an alternative to painting a block colour. Whilst Modern bedrooms often take decoration inspiration from utility, the bedroom essentials are of course a bed, wardrobe, dresser and bedside table. One way of incorporating a feature wall is to paint onto a full-length wardrobe, this will open the room and give the illusion the wardrobe is a wall.

Whilst the accent wall in a living room space will add character and liven it up, so use a colour like Peacock Blue.

Be conscious of putting a feature wall in your kitchen as these are already busy rooms with lots of furniture in them. Choose the largest wall without any cabinets on and use a bright colour like Gladio.

The Do’s

  • Choose a colour that complements the rest of the room
  • Use the colour of the feature wall to define the rest of the living space, setting the atmosphere
  • Go bold, they’re called feature walls for a reason – they’re meant to give you the wow factor
  • Keep it simple with the rest of the décor and only place a large clock, or just one piece of statement furniture against the wall
  • Choose a strong contrasting shade

The Don’ts

  • Avoid randomly selecting a wall to highlight – it’s a focal point for a reason
  • Don’t do it just because your feared painting the whole room
  • Steer clear of already over-crowded rooms where too much is going on as your eye won’t be drawn to it
  • Not the best option for a small room as it will make the room feel and look smaller, why not paint the whole room for a real impact
  • Avoid painting a wall with doors or windows as they’ll detract from the effect your trying to create
  • Don’t obscure the wall with lots of furniture, complement it with smaller furnishings

For more colour inspiration visit our BOLDs page, where we have reds, blues and yellows to make any wall a statement.

If the idea of using bold colours makes you panic and want to grab the first tin of white paint, have a read of our post ‘Brave with Neutrals‘ by Anna, Design Director at Grove Design London.

Smoke Blue Feature Wall & desk - feature wall ideas

Office Feature Wall in Smoke Blue

Bedroom feature wall painted in Cinnabar - Furniture Village | feature wall ideas

Bedroom Feature Wall Painted in Cinnabar

Niblock bedroom feature wall - feature wall ideas

Feature Wall in the Bedroom, Painted in Niblock

Peacock Blue Feature Wall in the Living Room - feature wall ideas

Peacock Blue Feature Wall in the Living Room