Colour Mapping Character into your Home

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Niblock, Furniture Village

Colour Mapping Character into your Home

Everyone wants to inject a little of their own personality into their home or office when redecorating to create a space they feel comfortable in. When faced with plans to redesign interior spaces, creative minds often turn to the art of colour psychology.

Colour psychology is a theory that implements the marrying together of colours through the subconscious associations we have with colour palettes. More often than not, colour psychology is centred round seasonal personalities and as individuals it’s no surprise that you’re more likely to fall into one category over another.

Whether you’re looking to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your own home or a positive and welcoming ambience in your office, the first place to begin is with your colour scheme.

Colour personalities are easily understandable when they are split between the four seasons. Listed below are the key themes throughout each season to help you decide which category you may want to choose for your own renovation project.


Spring lends itself to bright colours with natural light flowing through open spaces, finished perfectly with curved textures and shapes. Spring personalities are creative and fun with a proactive and lively demeanour – think feature walls and reflective furnishings that add a slight glint when caught by the light. One of our favourite colours that complements a Spring personality is Niblock. Niblock’s light reflecting quality shows off its blue undertones. It is a cool and clean colour that looks fantastic when paired with whites and natural wood.


A Summer personality emphasises elegance with timeless qualities. Along with classic whites and cool muted tones you can pair delicate colours with soft and faded patterns to ensure a theme of free flowing and floral fantasy are weaved throughout the room. Start with a soft colour such as Pearl Grey or Portland and add calming pastels such as Shell or Doulton.


Autumn personalities exude passion and a love of learning, whilst remaining connected to the earth. This is no surprise, as we tend to associate Autumnal colours with warmth and intensity. The perfect Autumn palette mixes raw and textured furnishings such as hessian bags, coarse linen, and wicker baskets with M&L’s Burnt Orange or Etruscan Red.


Opulent and dramatic, there is nothing drab about winter and those who subconsciously mirror its colours. Perfect for drawing attention to your office space – be daring with Gladio or Zandra, or remain understated but luxurious with Black Fossil or Smoke Blue. Include geometric shapes and clean lines, essential features to complete a strong winter look.

Once identified, you can then set about creating a room that is intentionally and confidently complemented by a season of colour. Request our colour card here to start envisioning your own character inspired room.

Niblock, Furniture Village

SPRING: Photo from a recent shoot by Furniture Village featuring ‘ice cream’ shades such as Niblock

Paper White and Portland conservatory room with vase full of roses

SUMMER: Portland frames this doorway, complemented by soft pink roses

Printpress letters and frame in from of Etruscan Red wall

AUTUMN: Etruscan Red is rich and earthy, setting a warming intense ambiance

Office chair and desk with laptop, lamp and books in front of Smoke Blue coloured wall

WINTER: Smoke Blue adds a touch of luxury to this office space